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Supports facilitating good business linking Europe and Japan

Yuki Itakura


Yuki Itakura Consulting supports facilitating good business linking Europe and Japan. My aim is to assist you in fostering your business development by creating good collaboration with your partners.

Challenges in international business

Compared to domestic business, international business relations poses many challenges due to the uniqueness of each market, as well as differences in languages and cultures, particularly in business cultures.

„Communication problems“ often arise as an initial hurdle in day-to-day business when people from different countries and cultures interact. In addition to creating psychological discomfort arising from uncertainty or misunderstandings, this can also cause loss of important time, energy and money. These problems, however, are avoidable.

Building bridges - how I can support you

In order to prevent these problems from arising and to help you stay focused on your primary business activities, I will assist you as a consultant, coordinator and trainer in every stage of your business development.



Offers country-specific advice to help you be well prepared when you embark upon business relations with partners in Germany, other European countries or Japan.



Aims at generating synergies by facilitating smooth communication and enabling good cooperation between you and your business partners.



Supports you in strengthening your intercultural communication skills and increasing your self-confidence in working efficiently in the international business world.


Please feel free to contact me to find out how I can assist you.
I am looking forward to working with you.

板倉ユキ Yuki Itakura